About us

Every Mechanical solution is...

A consulting company based in Sofia, Bulgaria with experience in different areas. We are knowledgeable about automotive, aeronautical, industrial and other sectors.  Our main goal is to help develop your product in the most efficient way.

Our team is a small group of experts who specialize in different areas. That’s why, we are capable of covering all the physics of your product. Moreover, each one of us has great work experience in different industries.

Save money with us by:

Designing your product with optimal parameters:

Knowing your product, we can establish the loadings and scenarios at which it would be able to work/survive. Therefore, we can optimize some parameters in the product so that it can withstand those circumstances. Different methods of optimization can be applied.

Applying cost saving methods:​

We can apply cost saving methods in different areas of the product. It could be a material saving or process improvement - all depends on simulation results.

Finding and understanding failures:​

If you have a failure in your product but you do not have a solid proof for that, we can help you with simulations. By applying the same boundary conditions, we can see the behavior of your product. Is the failure due to excessive loading or is there a fatigue problem - we can answer all these questions.