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Simulation capabilites

What we can do for you...

Here is a list of types of simulations that we are capable of doing:
Mechanical (linear & non-linear); Thermal; Hyperelastic; Explicit; Modal; Harmonic; Random vibration; Fluid; Fluid solid interaction; Coupled and more...

Check out this example to have a better picture in your head: 


Let’s say you want to design an action camera. You start with the design and the first thing you need to know is if it is going to survive some basic loadings. To check that, we will perform mechanical simulations:

Mechanical simulation - Bolt pretension stress







Then, you start wondering what are the modal shapes and is there any possibility for resonance failure. We will perform the modal analysis and according to the standards that you follow, we will do a Harmonic or random vibration simulation. Thus, we can check whether your product will survive the resonance.

Checking the stress from the resonance

Your next question - is this action camera going to survive a drop test from 200cm height? What will be the damage or the camera will bounce out of the ground? Our team can do an explicit simulation to understand what will be the behavior of your product after the drop.

The camera bounce from the ground

Just as interesting is the question regarding the heat management of the camera. Now is the perfect time for thermal simulation. In this case we will check the temperature of the display if we leave the camera outside on direct sunlight at 35°C for 10 minutes.

Temperature distribution from direct sunlight

​Thanks to a coupled simulation (Fluid solid interaction) we can check how much bolt pretension we need to apply in order to sustain a water jet impact of 2 m/s.​​​

Water jet impact and deformation

Sealing test & sealing pressure

​What's more, is the sealing on the case reliable enough? We can perform a hyper-elastic simulation and establish if you have the right rubber for the job.

And many more...

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